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BREAKING NEWS – new #systematicreview publication from CEBaP answering the question “Is placing a victim in the lef…

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RT @GRADEproGDT: Don’t be afraid! Handbook is here for you ;) #GRADE @GRADE_WG @gradeapps @GRADE_McMaster @USGRADEnet @MasarykGRADE @co

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RT @Students4BE: How certain is the evidence? When you use the findings of a systematic review to inform your decisions, check the overall…

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Roses are red, Violets are blue, If your study is biased, Your results will be too. Late #AcademicValentines

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Several research, reference and resource centres of the International #RedCross and #RedCrescent Movement presented…


First aid for mental health problems

CEBaP is currently conducting systematic literature searches to identify which communication strategies should be used in the first aid management of mental health problems (e.g. depression,...

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First aid educational materials for children in sub-Saharan Africa (part 2)

In March 2017, CEBaP started a project concerning the development of educational materials that can be used to train children aged 5-18 years in first aid, within the sub-Saharan African context....

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