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CEBaP 18-08-2017 16:13

RT @CochraneBelgium: What to do with #heterogeneity in your #systematicreview? Find out in our first aid for SR column:…

CEBaP 18-08-2017 14:06

Remember we mentioned using a ToC for our #WASH #systematicreview yesterday? We will discuss its added value at…

CEBaP 18-08-2017 11:17

Going to #GESummit17? Want to find out how to bridge the gap between science and practice? Join our workshop:

CEBaP 17-08-2017 16:13

We built a ToC for our #WASH #systematicreview. ToC??? @Research2Action provides a reading list to get you started…

CEBaP 17-08-2017 08:24

RT @CochraneUK: Reader beware: Science covered in the news is pretty likely to be overturned - via @statnews