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CEBaP 16-02-2018 16:13

One week left to submit your abstract for the 10th biennial #JBIcolloq2018! @JBIEBHC @CochraneBelgium @CEBAMvzw

CEBaP 16-02-2018 16:10

RT @Students4BE: Do not make a treatment decision based on relative effects alone. Always consider the absolute effects. Gareth provides de…

CEBaP 15-02-2018 15:47

Do you want to learn the basics of #EvidenceBasedPractice? Follow our e-learning course!

CEBaP 15-02-2018 10:11

RT @wk21: With @AABB @ISBTCO DGTI, SFTS and SIMTI, (with research of @CEBaP_evidence) EBA is organising the first International Consensus C…

CEBaP 15-02-2018 08:39

RT @CochraneUK: Do you have an idea for an abstract or workshop for the 2018 Cochrane Colloquium in Edinburgh? Submissions are now open! De…