Knowledge dissemination

At CEBaP we are committed to publish peer-reviewed scientific articles and reports on our projects. We also present our work to different audiences (researchers, practitioners, policy makers, etc.) and create posters for international conferences and meetings. Furthermore, we give workshops on critical thinking and Evidence-Based Practice to our colleagues at the Belgian Red Cross, and you can follow us on social media.

Conferences and meetings

CEBaP actively participates in different international conferences. In 2016 we were present at the Guidelines International Network Conference in Philadelphia, USA, the Cochrane Colloquium in Seoul, South Korea, and the What Works Global Summit in London, UK. Furthermore, we attended the Emergency Environmental Health Forum in Kathmandu, Nepal. We presented our work in oral presentations and on different posters.


On June 11, 2016 the Flemish Hemochromatosis association, in collaboration with the Belgian Red Cross, organised a patient day to inform patients on the research performed by CEBaP on blood donation and hemochromatosis, and the practical consequences of the amendment of the law, allowing patients with hemochromatosis to donate blood. 

Workshop Evidence-Based Practice

Three times a year we organise an interactive course on Evidence-Based Practice to train employees of the Belgian Red Cross how to critically process information and to promote the basics of Evidence-Based Practice. During this course, we also detail the different steps of a CEBaP project, and the role of Evidence-Based Practice within Belgian Red Cross. This workshop is offered by e-learning followed by a face-to-face contact. 

Social media

LinkedIn is a professional social networking site to share expertise. CEBaP has a showcase page on LinkedIn, were we share updates on our current research and activities. Do you have a LinkedIn profile and want to stay up-to-date with our projects and realisations?

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CEBaP is also active on Twitter. Check out to hear about ongoing projects, published articles and presentations on conferences or meetings, and to find other information related to our work. 

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