Methodology & Training

To specialize in the different domains of Evidence-Based Practice, the CEBaP staff follows national and international trainings and workshops on different methodological topics.

Methodological charter

To work with a uniform methodology for the development of evidence-based guidelines and systematic reviews, we developed our own methodological standards. These standards are based on the methodology of Cochrane for the development of systematic reviews, and on the AGREE II checklist for guideline development and appraisal. We detailed our methodological standards in a methodological charter, which was also published in the International Journal of Evidence-Based Healthcare.

Read our methodological charter

Specialized trainings

In the past year, several specialized trainings were followed by CEBaP. New staff members followed the Systematic Reviews course by the Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine (CEBAM) as well as the GRADE workshop organized by the Dutch Cochrane Centre. Furthermore, a 3-day course on economic evaluations of healthcare interventions by ME-TA was attended. Also, several workshops were followed during the Cochrane Colloquium in Seoul, South Korea and the Guidelines International Network Conference in Philadelphia, USA.