Cochrane First Aid

In April 2019, CEBaP launched the Cochrane First Aid Field. In addition to the “Cochrane Review Groups”, who have the task to conduct rigorous systematic reviews in a specific domain of health care (a specific healthcare problem), a “Cochrane Field” has as main task to contribute to knowledge translation (putting evidence into practice) to a specific target group (e.g. a specific setting, group of providers, consumers,…). This new member of the Cochrane Fields aspires to create a global independent network of people interested in developing, disseminating and implementing high-quality research evidence on first aid. Cochrane First Aid not only aims to link the major players in the field of first aid and Cochrane as the world’s major evidence-synthesizing organization, but also focuses on building demand, knowledge translation, stakeholder engagement and review production.

Cochrane First Aid is led by CEBaP Manager Emmy De Buck, and coordinated by 3 CEBaP researchers. The Global First Aid Reference Centre (GFARC) of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies is a collaborating centre of Cochrane First Aid.

Find out more about Cochrane First Aid and discover opportunities to become an active collaborator on the Cochrane First Aid website, or follow the Field on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.


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