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CEBaP 28-03-2023 15:10

RT @Cochrane_FA: 3400 Cochrane #SystematicReviews published in the past years help inform #evidence in medical articles shared on Eng

CEBaP 27-03-2023 13:46

RT @eshackathon: Welcome to #ESMARConf2023!This week we have tonnes of amazing talks on everything related to #EvidenceSynthesis and #Met

CEBaP 24-03-2023 15:49

RT @Students4BE: Registration is now open for the event 'Putting evidence into practice', hosted in person by @CochraneUK - 3 September,

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We like! @srtoolbox

CEBaP 22-03-2023 15:58

RT @cochranecollab: Interested in reading or conducting a #SystematicReview of prognosis studies? @cochranetrain has a free introductory