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CEBaP 02-06-2020 16:26

Interesting @CochraneUK blog by @lynda_ware about "Teapots and unicorns: absence of evidence is not evidence of abs

CEBaP 02-06-2020 09:02

The new @CEBaP_evidence #quote of the month is online.Want to know what #COVID_19, @EvidenceAid, and @B_H_Taylor

CEBaP 29-05-2020 17:24

With a long and sunny weekend ahead, we like to bring the #evidence about #socialdistancing under attention.

CEBaP 28-05-2020 14:15

More information about the Live map of #Covid_19 evidence including details on @CEBaP_evidences specific contri

CEBaP 27-05-2020 17:21

An early summer appears to have arrived in Western Europe. On #SunScreenDay, we want to remind you of slopping high


Identifying evidence syntheses on COVID-19 to support the activities of the Belgian Red Cross

The day-to-day functioning of CEBaP has a clear emphasis on rigorously performed and transparently reported systematic literature reviews relevant to the humanitarian and development aid sector....

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