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CEBaP 25-05-2022 14:26

Our controlled trial on the use of simulated patients in #firstaid training has been published by @SIHonline. Find

CEBaP 25-05-2022 14:03

RT @Cochrane_FA: Our #blogshot on NSAIDs & paracetamolfor #pain relief after vaginal birthis now available in Kiswahili! Full review by @

CEBaP 23-05-2022 17:18

Nice to read, and sounds familiar too. At @RodeKruisVL, we do about the same: if a systematic review by CEBaP is u

CEBaP 20-05-2022 12:11

Check out the link below for information about how clinical trials are used in systematic reviews, and the importan

CEBaP 20-05-2022 11:50

NSAIDs and paracetamol for #pain relief after vaginal birth: @Cochrane_FA now made its #blogshot available in