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CEBaP 04-10-2022 17:07

The page with the full review seems to be temporarily unavailable. Nevertheless, the abstract can be found here

CEBaP 03-10-2022 17:22

Trivial time! Which American physicist co-founded the World Science Festival, wrote science books for the general

CEBaP 30-09-2022 16:55

RT @EvidenceAid: In response to an unparalleled demand for evidence to address rapidly evolving societal challenges, the Evidence Commissio

CEBaP 30-09-2022 16:52

RT @Africa_evidence: A few highlights from #EVIDENCE2022. Thank you to all our participants, facilitators and speakers from around the worl

CEBaP 29-09-2022 11:49

Today the Week against loneliness starts in The Netherlands. Good opportunity to highlight our @CampbellReviews p