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CEBaP 09-08-2022 09:14

RT @evidence_prime: We are preparing our booth for the GIN Conference 2022 in Toronto! 22-24 SeptemberMeet us and learn more about our

CEBaP 08-08-2022 16:00

RT @CochraneSweden: We are currently working on the @cochranemthds review Clinical rating scales for assessing pain in newborn infants.

CEBaP 05-08-2022 08:47

See also our #systematicreview including 16 Indian studies on the use of bednets for malaria prevention in India

CEBaP 05-08-2022 08:32

RT @Students4BE: Statistical significance vs. clinical significance - it's important to distinguish the difference between these when you a

CEBaP 04-08-2022 15:44

RT @nealhaddaway: If you're interested in #EvidenceSynthesis, #MetaAnalysis, #SystematicReviews and #RStats, check out #ESMARConf and join