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CEBaP 30-01-2023 13:40

Interesting reflection on the next generation of #evidence-based #medicine! More information:

CEBaP 27-01-2023 13:27

RT @Cochrane_FA: Curious to see what we have been up to in 2022? Have a look at our website and check out our #annualreport to discover ou

CEBaP 25-01-2023 13:38

The countdown to our yearly newsletter is still going on, so it's not too late to subscribe yet. Go to

CEBaP 23-01-2023 14:24

Looking for a suitable critical appraisal tool of a study's quality? If it's not in this overview, it probably does

CEBaP 19-01-2023 10:35

Great overview of common statistical issues!