Launch of Cochrane First Aid


CEBaP is proud to announce the launch of Cochrane First Aid! Cochrane First Aid will form the link between the major players in the field of first aid and Cochrane as the world’s major evidence-synthesizing organization. Cochrane First Aid aims to be a global, independent network of people interested in producing, disseminating and implementing high-quality research evidence within the field of first aid.

CEBaP and Belgian Red Cross decided to initiate this new Cochrane Field as evidence collected by CEBaP for the development of evidence-based first aid guidelines showed that there are still ample opportunities for Cochrane to address topics relevant for a lay setting with high-quality reviews. Over the years CEBaP and Belgian Red Cross have also identified a growing need for increased knowledge transfer and advocacy for first aid.

Cochrane First Aid headquarters is located at CEBaP and Belgian Red Cross in Mechelen, Belgium. The Field is led by Emmy De Buck and coordinated by Vere Borra and Jorien Laermans, both researchers at CEBaP.

More information about Cochrane First Aid can be found on their website (, Facebook (Cochrane First Aid) or Twitter (@Cochrane_FA)!