Best available scientific evidence on plasma donation & donor health


The global utilization of Plasma-Derived Medicinal Products (PDMPs) has seen a substantial surge, doubling in the past decade. This expansion necessitates increasing plasma donations, underscoring the imperative to ensure plasma donor safety. Although the majority of global plasma production originates from remunerated donors, the landscape is shifting in Europe. Here, several blood centers, primarily non-profit institutions, are scaling up plasma donations for PDMP production.

Regardless of whether donors are remunerated, the safety of plasma donations is a paramount concern that must be rigorously evaluated across all institutions involved. One of the key questions regarding donor safety is how frequent plasma can be donated.

Earlier this month, CEBaP attended the European Conference on Donor Health & Management in Vienna, where we presented our scientific work on the impact of repeated plasmapheresis on donor health, including an evidence gap map, an RCT, and a systematic review. The slides can be accessed here.
This work is part of the EU4Health-funded SUPPLY project