CEBaP at the What Works Global Summit 2022


From 18 to 20 October 2022, the Campbell Collaboration and Campbell UK & Ireland host the What Works Global Summit, a free virtual conference that will include panel sessions on advances and innovation in evidence synthesis methods (such as, but not limited to, automation, living evidence synthesis and communicating evidence). Thematic focus of the conference is “Recovery and resilience in crisis”. CEBaP will be present with two oral presentations.

In the first presentation, CEBaP’s Director Emmy De Buck will talk about the development of evidence-based guidance materials for laypeople on how to help other people experiencing mental health problems. It will be discussed how the input of an expert panel was essential, for a topic for which only limited evidence (in quantity and quality) is available. Furthermore, we will explain how we attempted to reach as many laypeople as possible, by developing different materials with recommendations, such as a practical manual and a mobile application.

In the second presentation, CEBaP’s Coordinating Researcher Hans Van Remoortel will talk about the development of evidence-based guidance to assist volunteers working with vulnerable children in the multilingual and multicultural urban school context of metropolitan cities. Also for this project, input of different stakeholders, including volunteers themselves, was indispensable to discuss applicability and meaningfulness of different interventions that can be performed by the volunteers. Evidence-based guidance with recommendations and suggestions to assist volunteers in their task was developed.

More information on the conference and programme overview can be found here