First aid educational materials for children in sub-Saharan Africa (part 2)


In March 2017, CEBaP started a project concerning the development of educational materials that can be used to train children aged 5-18 years in first aid, within the sub-Saharan African context. More information on the previous steps in this project, including the development of an educational pathway in first aid, can be found here.

Since the first meeting of a panel of 12 African experts in November 2017, we have made some huge progress in this project. First of all, the educational pathway in first aid has been validated by the expert panel and can be obtained free of charge on request via this website. Second, a draft manual was developed, providing first aid trainers with a range of teaching methods and educational recommendations to teach first aid to children aged 12-16 years old.

On September 20 2018, the expert panel was gathered for a second meeting. During this conference call, chaired by dr. Heike Geduld, the panel members gave feedback concerning the structure, lay-out, wording and educational methods used in the training manual. Moreover, they helped to further contextualize several exercises and cases used within the manual.









Left image: Cover of the draft version of the first aid training manual.

Right image: Part of the expert panel gathered in Cape Town, South Africa. From left to right: Wayne Smith, panel chair dr. Heike Geduld, and CEBaP’s Jorien Laermans.

In a next step, the optimized first aid training manual and the related materials will be piloted in a number of schools in Zimbabwe.

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