First Aid for First Responders in Africa: manual and publication


In addition to the Basic first aid in Africa guideline for laypeople in Sub-Saharan Africa, the Belgian Red Cross also developed a more advanced guideline for first responders in disaster settings, called First Aid for First Responders in Africa (FAFR). We used an evidence-based approach in collaboration with a panel of African academic and field experts, resulting in a training manual.

During the development of this manual, CEBaP re-evaluated 54 existing evidence summaries from previously developed up-to-date guidelines and created 33 new evidence summaries. Out of these 87 PICO questions, 32 remained unsupported by scientific literature, and Good Practice Points were formulated by the expert panel for these questions.

More details on the development of the FAFR manual are described in a peer-reviewed publication that was recently published in the International Journal of First Aid Education. The manual itself can be downloaded free of charge from the Belgian Red Cross website.