G-I-N conference 2018


From September 11 – September 14, CEBaP attended the 15th G-I-N conference in Manchester (UK). The central theme of the conference was “Why we do what we do – the purpose and impact of guidelines”. With 449 conference delegates from 39 different countries and a varied range of workshops, oral presentations and posters, it was a great mix of learning and networking moments. 

In 2 workshops on shared decision-making + diagnostic test accuracy and on network meta-analysis, we were able to catch up with the latest evolvements in this field and to network with like-minded people. 

During an oral presentation, we presented how we integrated the GRADE approach in a formal consensus method (i.e. Consensus Development Conference) of a guideline project on Patient Blood Management (PBM) (https://bit.ly/2zqGHsD). In line with this presentation, we followed valuable presentations on using formal consensus methodology (by Andrew Hutchings) and the role of experts in guideline development (by Eve Kerr). We also had a productive discussion with Lin Brandt and Stijn Van de Velde how we can disseminate the evidence/recommendations of the PBM project via the MAGICapp. In other words: “let’s make the planet GRADE again.”


CEBaP provides methodological expert input to the Belgian Working Group Development of Primary Care Guidelines. We presented a poster on the establishment of a methodological Expert group which seems to be a promising approach to sustaining high-quality primary care guideline development in Belgium. You can find the poster here.

Further discussions on the development, dissemination and implementation of Evidence-Based Guidelines in Belgium took place with delegates from the Working Group Development of Primary care Guidelines, EBPracticenet, CEBAM, Domus Medica and the Belgian Healthcare Knowledge Centre. 



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