Presenting the first aid manual for mental health problems at Belgian Red Cross’ Prelude


On February 15th, Belgian Red Cross organized its annual “Prelude”, an internal event where volunteers from all over Flanders gather to kick off a new year and to get an overview of the new Belgian Red Cross’ activities.

CEBaP shared a stand with the First Aid department to present one of our recent collaborations: first aid for mental health problems. CEBaP researchers provided background on how the project was conceived, explained how we gathered the evidence and highlighted the important role of mental health experts and patient representatives in the development of the guideline and manual “Listen” (in Dutch). The First Aid department talked about the implementation of the guideline and manual by Belgian Red Cross through future training to both volunteers and laypeople in the local divisions.

The CEBaP researchers introduced the basic principles of evidence-based practice (EBP) using our whiteboard drawing video. This served as an excellent intro to talk about how we applied EBP in the mental health first aid project. To discuss the development of the guideline with the booth visitors, we developed an informative poster featuring the different steps in this project and providing several examples of the translation of scientific evidence into first aid recommendations. Printouts of the evidence at the basis of the guideline sparked even more questions and conversations. 

If you want to find out even more about this project, this talk by our colleague Hans Scheers at the Virtual Cochrane Colloquium last year is an excellent start:


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