"Science is not finished until it’s communicated": meet Cochrane First Aid


By saying that "Science is not finished until it’s communicated", Mark Walport, prior Chief Scientific Advisor for the UK government, referred to the crucial aspect of research in which findings are disseminated to a wider audience. 

In this light, we would like to (re-)introduce you to Cochrane First Aid (CFA). CFA, led by the manager and two researchers of CEBaP, focuses on knowledge translation of first aid-related Cochrane systematic reviews to guideline developers, first aid trainers and laypeople. 

A recently published example of CFA's output is a Cochrane Corner, providing a two-page summary of a Cochrane systematic review on the accuracy of stroke recognition scales. By publishing the Cochrane Corner in the International Journal of First Aid Education, CFA means to give first aid trainers, laypeople providing first aid and guideline developers direct access to highly relevant first aid-related high-quality evidence tailored to them, which they might otherwise not have access to.

The open-access Cochrane Corner (check out here) comes along with the visual abstract presented above, which contributes to easy understanding.

If you would like to know more about Cochrane First Aid, you can visit their website, or follow them on Twitter (@CochraneFA), Facebook (@CochraneFirstAid), or Instagram (@cochrane_firstaid).