Scientific literature alerts on blood banking: from business support to knowledge sharing


Since February 2020, we pro-actively search for the most recent scientific publications that are relevant to the blood banking activities of the Belgian Red Cross. The search alert service of PubMed weekly notifies us when new articles occur that match our saved search strategy including terms related to donation of blood, plasma and platelets, donor selection and safety and transfusion of blood products. The title and abstracts of these articles are screened and only systematic reviews and randomized controlled trials are selected. The publications provided via the Transfusion Evidence Alert are also assessed for eligibility. 

The relevant articles are bundled and periodically discussed with the board of directors of Belgian Red Cross to inform blood banking activities with scientific evidence. To improve the “EBP way of thinking” in the organisation, monthly journal clubs are organised for employees of the blood services. The list of relevant scientific publications is updated and shared among operational colleagues on a continuous basis and they are stimulated to present and discuss a paper relevant to their field.

To further increase the impact of this work, the list of relevant systematic reviews is published - and each month updated - on the webpage of Global Advisory Panel (GAP) on Corporate Governance and Risk Management of Blood Services in Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies. This database is of interest to the GAP Association members who are experts in blood programs from around the globe and supports GAP in promoting knowledge sharing, networking and partnership among and between Red Cross and Red Crescent blood services and external partners. 

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