Successful expert meeting for First Aid for First Responders in sub-Saharan Africa


The Belgian Red Cross is developing a manual for our partner organisations in sub-Saharan Africa, to train first responders. First responders are members of the community who are trained in advanced first aid, and who can assist people in need when disaster strikes. CEBaP has developed over 80 evidence summaries in the past months to support this manual with scientific evidence.

Last week, a 2-day expert meeting with 9 African experts was held in Johannesburg, to discuss the draft manual and identified evidence. Thereby we made sure that our manual is developed according to the principles of Evidence-Based Practice. This means taking into account scientific evidence, the knowledge of experts in the field and the values and preferences of the target audience, the African first responders.

Our manual is now being revised, will go through a second round of feedback by our experts in May, and will be pilot tested in Malawi in the fall of 2019.


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