Updated CEBaP methodological charter


In 2014, CEBaP compiled and published its first methodological charter describing the methodological standards used for the development of evidence-based guidelines and systematic reviews to support the activities of the Belgian Red Cross.

Over the past 5 years, the methodology used by guideline and systematic review developers all over the world has gradually improved and fine-tuned. In order to keep up with this evolution and to avoid our charter becoming outdated, we have now updated our methodological charter.

The charter provides you with an overview of our methodological standards, based on the Cochrane methodology for systematic review and the AGREE II checklist for guideline development. Use of these standards ensures that every aspect of development follows a rigorous process and that reporting occurs in a transparent manner. In addition, the charter also contains information on the initiation and further flow of the guideline and review projects co-developed by CEBaP.

Enjoy the read!


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