Validation of First Aid Guidelines by CEBAM


We are proud to announce that our first aid guidelines 'Help! First aid for everyone' and 'Help! First aid for caregivers' obtained an official quality label, guaranteeing that both are developed according to the gold standards of Evidence-Based Practice.

Last year we updated the Belgian Red Cross’ first aid manuals 'Help! First aid for everyone' and 'Help! First aid for caregivers'. Since we started to provide evidence-based support for our first aid manual in Flanders in 2007, we kept on improving our methodology and expanding the number of items supported with Evidence-Based Practice (EBP). In this way we evolved from a manual in which 22% of the items are covered with EBP to the current manual where 73% of the items is supported with evidence (319 “evidence summaries” including 533 scientific studies). The improved methodology led to an official accreditation by the Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine (CEBAM) in Belgium, which is a quality label for the guidelines’ methodology.

For the update 2021 we aim to support the manuals diagnostic items (“What do you see?”), which will eventually lead us to a manual which is fully supported with scientific evidence.