Virtually Cochrane


Last week, 2 of our colleagues, who are also field coordinator of Cochrane First Aid, attended the virtual conference Virtually Cochrane, hosted by Cochrane UK, Cochrane Ireland and Evidence Synthesis Ireland. The theme of the conference was "Navigating evidence and uncertainty", obviously referring to the uncertainty and challenges that surfaced during the COVID-19 pandemic.

It were 3 interesting days with live plenary sessions on how to communicate risk and uncertainty, how Cochrane can quickly and adequately respond to user needs, and an evaluation on whether systematic evidence passed or failed the COVID-19 stress test. 
In addition, they attended different sessions, for example on:

  • How to use Cochrane evidence in shared decision-making;
  • Choosing images for sharing evidence;
  • When (not) to use pairwise meta-analysis, network meta-analysis, component network meta-analysis methods, and test accuracy versus prognosis review methods;
  • Challenges in identifying diagnostic test accuracy and prognosis reviews. 

Of course, there was also time to connect with other people and share experiences and ideas.