Webinar on evidence-based guideline development aimed at Libyan medical students


On 25 April, our director Emmy De Buck provided an interactive lecture about guideline development to a group of emerging scholars, all medical students, of the University of Benghazi in Libya. The webinar was part of a series, organized by the International Journal of First Aid Education, that aims to promoting primary and secondary research on the topic of first aid and first aid training. 

In the webinar, Emmy explained how evidence-based guidelines are developed, stressed the importance of adapting guidelines to a specific (geographical/cultural) context, and showed where existing systematic reviews and guidelines can be found.
The students were highly motivated, discussed about high- and low-quality systematic reviews and guidelines, and had many questions about being involved in secondary research themselves. In the last part of the webinar, the activities of CEBaP and Cochrane First Aid were also presented.

We would like to thank the students for the wonderful interaction, and wish them good luck with planning and conducting their own studies in the near future, which will help to close the gaps in first aid research further.