International consensus conference on patient blood management


Patient Blood Management (PBM) aims to optimize the care of patients who might need a blood transfusion. On 24 and 25 April 2018, a 2-day consensus conference on PBM will be held in Frankfurt (Germany). During these 2 days, the available evidence on 3 different topics of PBM will be presented: 1) Red Blood Cell (RBC) transfusion triggers, 2) promotion and monitoring of PBM programs and 3) preoperative anemia. The aim of this consensus conference is to formulate evidence-based recommendations on these topics. In the run-up to this conference, CEBaP has been assigned the task of screening, selecting, analyzing and synthesizing the best available scientific evidence on 17 different PICO questions concerning red blood cell transfusion triggers (11 questions), promotion and monitoring of PBM programs (3 questions) and preoperative anemia (3 questions). During and after this evidence-based process we receive input from different experts worldwide in the field of PBM. In addition, we are supporting the development of a formal consensus methodology that will be used throughout the conference. During the conference, we will ensure that the GRADE approach is used to formulate evidence-based recommendations. More information on the PBM consensus conference can be found on the website of the European Blood Alliance.