National Plan Evidence-Based Practice


Yesterday the “National Plan Evidence-Based Practice” was launched by the Belgian minister of Social Affairs and Health Maggie De Block, with the aim of reaching patients with the most effective care. The National EBP plan is directed to primary care guidelines and is based on report by the Belgian health care Knowledge centre KCE. The aim of the national EBP plan is to coordinate the development, dissemination and implementation of evidence-based primary care guidelines. This is necessary since current initiatives in Belgium are not coordinated resulting in not reaching the health care providers and patients.

An EBP steering group, composed of representatives of Federal Public Service Public Health, the National Institute for Health and Disability Insurance, the Federal Agency for Medicines and Health Products, the Belgian health care Knowledge centre and the Minister of Health will manage the EBP plan.

Organizations that will help in the execution of the EBP plan are, among others, the Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine CEBAM, the “Working Group Guidelines Primary Care” and EBMPracticeNet. Our Centre for Evidence-Based Practice collaborates with all these organizations, and is in this way involved in guideline development and dissemination of primary care guidelines in Belgium.

Execution of the EBP plan will start in 2018.