World Water Week


This week is World Water Week, the annual focal point for the globe’s water issues, and the ideal moment to highlight our recent systematic review on promotional programmes to improve handwashing and sanitation behaviour.

The review has been funded by 3ie (International Initiative for Impact Evaluation), WSSCC (Water Supply and Sanitation Collaborative Council), Belgian Red Cross and the Effective Health Care Research Consortium (UK aid).

The results of the review will be presented by WSSCC during the World Water Week in Stockholm, where experts, practitioners, decision-makers, business innovators and young professionals from all over the world come together to think about the most pressing water-related challenges of today.

On October 24, WSSCC will also host a webinar, presented by CEBaP, to disseminate the results of the review. More details will be announced soon.

Curious for the results of the review? Follow these links for more information: