Conferences and meetings

CEBaP actively participates in different international conferences. In 2019 our work on the scientific underpinning of pre-event planning and resource provision during mass gatherings  was presented at the two-yearly WADEM Congress on Disaster and Emergency Medicine .

We also attended the International EBHC conference and presented our work on Patient Blood Management, prediction models for mass gatherings, and how we apply the Evidence-Ecosystem in the Belgian Red Cross. The Cochrane Colloquium that was planned to be held in Chile was rescheduled as a first Virtual Cochrane conference. Five of our oral presentations were included in the programme as video presentations, and the other five projects were included in the abstract book. CEBaP was also invited as speaker on an event organized by the Campbell Collaboration and the German Institute for Development Evaluation (DEval) concerning the use of evidence for a more effective development policy and practice.

Every year we organize an internal science day at the Belgian Red Cross, where CEBaP, the Transfusion Research Centre and other researchers from the Blood Service share their work and present this to the Belgian Red Cross Scientific Advisory Board.


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